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A History of Greece to the Death of Alexander the Great


This is a scholarly work which is also easily accessible to the general public. Chapters: 1. The Beginnings of Greece and the Heroic Age; 2. The Expansion of Greece; 3. Growth of Sparta; 4. The Union of Attica and the Foundation of the Athenian Democracy; 5. Growth of Athens; 6. The Advance of Persia to the Aegean; 7. The Perils of Greece. The Persian and Punic Invasions; 8. The Foundation of the Athenian Empire; 9. The Athenian Empire under the Guidance of Pericles; 10. The War of Athens with the Peloponnesians (431-421 B.C.); 11. The Decline and Downfall of the Athenian Empire; 12. The Spartan Supremacy and the Persian War; 13. The Revival of Athens and Her Second League; 14. The Hegemony of Thebes; 15. The Syracusan Empire and the Struggle with Carthage; 16. Rise of Macedonia; 17. The Conquest of Persia; 18. The Conquest of the Far East; Chronological Table; Notes and References, with maps and plans (London, 1900). 930 pdf pages. Book digitized by Google and uploaded by user Robert Bedrosian.
John Bagnell Bury (1861-1927), a great classical scholar and author of many enduring works, was also editor of the early volumes of the Cambridge Ancient History.

Language English
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